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Cable Stripping & Finishing

Techna offer a range of Cable Stripping tools suitable for both manual operations and driven systems. With a variety of models covering diameters from 6mm to 100mm, and with units suitable for the removal of cross-linked polymer coatings as well as PVC and other non cross-linked coverings we offer a solution to virtually any stripping requirement.

Our range also includes manual Cable-end Strippers and Peelers and Conical Cutters for cable end preparation. To complement our stripping tools we offer length measuring units suitable for a range of diameters up to 160mm.

Custom designs are available for stripping difficult or oversized materials; please enquire with us for details.



Continuous Stripping Systems Continuous Stripping Systems

For automated removal of insulation from Wire & Cable

Manual Stripping Tools Manual Stripping Tools

For manual cable end Finishing & Stripping

For In-line Cable Length Measurement
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