Jtec489 10kA MCB

Jtec489 10kA MCB
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Jtec489 10kA MCB Jtec489 10kA MCB Jtec489 10kA MCB Jtec489 10kA MCB

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• 10kA Miniature Circuit Breaker
• UL 489 Listed (File E255530)
• Current ratings from 0.2 to 63A
• Trip Curves Z, B, C, K, or D
• Voltage Rating 480Y/277 Vac (upto 32A), 240 Vac (upto 63A)
• DC version available for higher DC voltages (2 pole up to 250 Vdc)


Jtec489 is UL Listed as a branch circuit breaker and is therefore able to be used to protect a branch circuit without a backup device. Many applications and other UL standards insist upon the use of a branch circuit breaker (as opposed to a supplementary protector). If you fit the Jtec489 you're covered.

Please download the PDF below for more information.

Benefits of UL489

 The Techna Jtec489 provides many benefits for engineers, designers and installers..

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