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Timetec10F - Multifunction Timer

Timetec10F - Multifunction Timer
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The Timetec10F Multifunction Timer Relay is available in two different versions (1 or 3 changeover contacts), both with 10 different functions available and a time range of between 0.1 seconds - 10 days.


10 Function Timer

Available with 1 Changeover Contact or 3 Changeover Contacts

Rated Current 16A (1 C/O) or 8A (3 C/O)

Supply Voltage 12-240V AC/DC

Time Range 0.1 seconds to 10 days


The following functions available are:

a. Delay ON after energisation

b. Delay OFF after energisation

c. Cycling timer starting with delay

d. Cycling timer starting instantly

e. Delay OFF after de-energisation

f. Delay OFF after signal energisation

g. Delay OFF after signal de-energisation

h. Delay ON, Delay OFF after make and break of signal contacts

i. Impulse Relay (latching)

j. Pulse Generator


Please download the PDF below for more information.

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