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Magnetic Clutches & Couplings

When frequent disengagements wear too heavily on mechanical Couplings, an application is best served by Magnetic Couplings, which work without the physical contact that leads to wear with mechanical Couplings.

Magnetic Couplings are designed as two parts that nestle together, producing a magnetic field across the air gap between them. The result is an extremely smooth, constant torque.

Following an overload, long-life maintenance-free Magnetic Couplings safely disengage without the abrasions and jerks that limit the wear life of conventional torque limiters.


• Smooth disengagement, even during high torque
• Maintenance-free for exceptionally long-life
• No abrasion during disengagement
• Easy to assemble and adjust
• High stiffness and low inertia
• Exact transmission of the rotational movement even under extreme temperatures and environments
• Use for unique applications requiring reliability, precision, power and repeatability within the same package
• Available in Shaft-to-shaft, Disc or Shaft-flange Styles
• All Magnetic Clutches are available in full stainless steel

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Coupling (Collet Type)
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Coupling (Disc Type)
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Coupling (Disc Type)
Hysteresis Magnet Clutches (Collet Type)
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