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U-Clip Spool Retainer

U-Clip Spool Retainer
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U-Clip Spool Retainer U-Clip Spool Retainer U-Clip Spool Retainer

• Uhing U-Clip locking collars to retain spools on shaft
• Available for shaft diameters from 8mm to 35mm
• Allow easy loading and unloading of spools
• One hand operation
• No tools required
• Usable on non-hardened shafts


With U-Clip Uhing set aside the Easylock quick clamping system and created a simple and low-priced alternative. As with Easylock U-Clip is using a clamping ring which is offset to the shaft and therefore clamping forces are provided. Like a bushing the U-Clip is pushed forward against the to be fixed component and it automatically locks into position. To release, just pull the clamping ring towards the user.

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