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Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breakers


We offer the complete range of Carling Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breakers. With an extensive range of options and accessories, they offer a reliable and cost effective solution to almost any design challenge.


• Comprehensive range of sizes and ratings from 0.02 to 700A
• Temperature insensitive, wide operating temperature range with no need for ambient temperature de-rating
• Wide range of trip characteristics from instantaneous to ultra-long
• Large variety of actuators including illuminated, bi-colour, metal toggle and guarded options
• Dual coil, remotely operated, auxiliary, alarm and special circuit options available
• High DC voltage models available – ideal for use with Solar Arrays
• Military grade “COTS” parts available to MIL-PRF-55629/MIL STD 202UL
• Available with UL, CSA, VDE, TUV Certifications


Available in the following ranges:


• Current Range: 0.02 - 50A
• Max. Voltage: 277VAC, 80VDC
• General Purpose, Marine, Renewable Energy, Telecoms

a-series pdf  A-Series Datasheet


• Current Range: 0.02 - 50A
• Max. Voltage: 277VAC, 80VDC
• Power Supplies, Medical, Generators, Marine, Military

B-Series   B-Series Datasheet


• Current Range: 0.02 - 100A
• Max. Voltage: 277/480YVAC, 125VDC
• High Currents and Voltages, Remote Operation options

c-series   C-Series Datasheet


• Current Range: 50 - 125A
• Max. Voltage: 600VDC
• High DC Currents and Voltages, Photovoltaic Systems

cx-series   CX-Series Datasheet


• Current Range: 0.02 - 50A
• Max. Voltage: 277/480YVAC, 125VDC
• DIN-Rail Mounting, General Purpose

d-series   D-Series Datasheet


• Current Range: 0.002 - 100A
• Max. Voltage: 600VAC, 125VDC
• Generators, High Currents and Voltages, Military

e-series   E-Series Datasheet


• Current Range: 50 - 700A
• Max. Voltage: 277VAC, 125VDC
• Extreme Temperatures, High Current Battery Disconnect, Solar Power

f-series   F-Series Datasheet


• Current Range: 0.02 - 100A
• Max. Voltage: 240/480YVAC, 80VDC
• DIN-Rail Mounting, General Purpose, Built-in Auxiliary available

g-series   G-Series Datasheet


• Current Range: 1 - 32A
• Max. Voltage: 240VAC, 80VDC
• Lower Cost, Compact, Meets IEC Spacing requirments

h-series   H-Series Datasheet


• Current Range: 1 - 30A
• Max. Voltage: 240VAC
• Ultra Low Profile, Data/Telecoms, Power Distribution

l-series   L-Series Datasheet


• Current Range: 0.02 - 30A
• Max. Voltage: 250VAC, 80VDC
• Communications, Vehicles, Marine, Generators and Power

m-series   M-Series Datasheet


• Current Range: 0.2 - 30A
• Max. Voltage: 50VDC
• Compact, Rugged, Reliable, Military

ms-series   MS-Series Datasheet


• Current Range: 1 - 30A
• Max. Voltage: 240VAC
• Telecom & Datacom, Power Distribution

n-series   N-Series Datasheet


• Current Range: 0.1 - 20A
• Max. Voltage: 120/240VAC
• Datacom, Power Distribution Units

tb-series   TB-Series Datasheet

PB-Series (RCBOs)

• Current Range: 0.1 - 30A
• Max. Voltage: 240VAC
• Marine & Waterside Installations, Low Temperatures

pb-series   PB-Series Datasheet

PC-Series (RCBOs)

• Current Range: 0.1 - 50A
• Max. Voltage: 250VAC
• Marine & Waterside Installations, Low Temperatures

pc-series   PC-Series Datasheet

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