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Straighteners & Guide Rolls

Witels techna

Probably the World’s largest range of wire and strip Straighteners, with over 300 standard units, including Roller Straightening units for wire, tube, cable, wire rope and strip.

Witels-Albert, one of the World’s leading manufacturers of Straightening and Guiding equipment has worked with Techna, in the U.K., for over 30 years. This long association benefits the market with an exceptional combination of product ranges, top-quality engineering, extensive R & D, and a wealth of expert technical and applications knowledge.


Straightening Units Straightening Units

Straighteners for Wire, Rope, Tube, Strip & Bar in a variety of designs and configurations

Guide Roll Assemblies Guide Roll Assemblies

A wide range of Guiding Units to assist in routing materials through your processes

Drive Units Drive Units

Two Roll, Four Roll, Heavy Duty and Caterpillar Units

Preformers & Postformers Preformers & Postformers

For Wire Rope Construction and Armouring

Cable Stripping & Finishing Cable Stripping & Finishing

Continuous and Manual Systems for Cable Stripping, End Preparation and Length Measurement

Accessories & Spare Parts for Witels Albert products
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