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Uhing Motion Drive

The Uhing Motion Drive is the latest innovation from Uhing, a modified Rolling Ring Drive controlled by sensors and an electronic control unit programmed with custom software developed in-house. Because both the software and hardware have been engineered together by Uhing they work in perfect harmony.

One of the main differences between the UMD and a standard Rolling Ring Drive is the lack of a reverse lever or pitch scale setting as these are dictated by a stepper motor, which in turn is controlled by a PLC, offering user-friendly operation and flexible set up for various parameters.



In addition to the standard motion programmes defined for winding, the Uhing Motion Drive also lets you define custom programmes, thus offering maximum variability. It is possible to input and control parameters of speed, action/reversal points, and traversing widths. It is possible to perform all of the options of the standard rolling ring drive, as well as special variants (reversal slow down etc.) except for the roller guide and release lever.

One advantage of the UMD is the fact that since the drive’s stroke width is stored it is simple to adapt a given winder to another material, another spool or even both at the push of a button. This reduces set up time hugely, cutting down on process costs as well as errors.


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