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New Timetec Timer Relays

Introducing the Timetec range of Timer Relays, designed for a variety of different applications with a dedicated Star/Delta Motor Timer handling the start-up period of a star delta motor, the Asymmetric Cycling Timer for accurate and customisable cycling periods, the Multifunction Timer with 10 different functions covering a wide range of applications and the Impulse Relay with Memory Function which remember their states on re-energisation after supply loss.










Multifunction Timer

The Timetec10F Multifunction Time Relay is available in two different versions (1 or 3 changeover contacts), both with 10 different functions available and a time range of between 0.1 seconds - 10 days.

Please click here for more information about the Timetec10F



Asymmetric Cycling Timer

The TimetecAsym is a Cycling Timer with two independently adjustable time periods for on and off, and the choice of starting the cycle with the relay on or off. Each time cycle also has a scale of between 0.1s – 100 days divided between 10 time ranges, to allow for the most extreme of requirements.

Please click here for more information about the TimetecAsym



Star/Delta Motor Timer

The TimetecStarDelta is an adjustable Timer Relay for the starting and changeover of star/delta motors with adjustable ranges for the star period and the switchover time. This small form relay is ideal for controlling the start-up of your motor across a range of voltages.

Please click here for more information about the TimetecStarDelta



Impulse Relay with Memory Function

The TimetecIRM is an Impulse Relay with Memory Function which is controlled by momentary switches (such as our Ptec range) for switching from multiple locations. These relays are a practical replacement for three-way switches and many other applications. Controlled by momentary switches (using an unlimited number, connected in parallel by 2 wires), installation becomes faster and more flexible.

Please click here for more information about the TimetecIRM

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